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Helsbury park frequently asked questions

Our Guests: Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are some of the questions we get asked quite frequently, if you have another question just drop us an email to info@helsburypark.co.uk.

Are the gardens dog proof?
Interesting question, I guess it depends on the dog. There are adequate fences, walls and hedges to keep the majority of dogs in but if you have one those really determined, escapologist types then you need to be mindful as you would anywhere else. Broadview has a fully enclosed garden if you're concerned about your dogs making for the hills!

Can I leave the dog on their own in the cottage?
Kennels at helsbury parkUnfortunately not, for the sensible reason that your dog is in a strange environment and may behave unpredictably. We tend to take our dog with us and leave him in the car. However we have recently installed kennels at each property which gives you more flexibility. Some of our guests bring a crate for their dog so that they can be left safely which is fine with us. Check our dog code for more info.

Can we walk to the pub?
The walk to St Breward is mostly up hill but is only about 1.5 miles. You can always get the local taxi firm to collect you and walk back! There are pubs in the nearby villages of St Teath, St Tudy and also in Camelford, all walkable for the keener amongst us.

Are there any dog friendly places to eat locally?
Quite a few, our favourites are the the Old Inn in St Breward, the White Hart in St Teath, the Blisland Inn at Blisland and the Port William in Trebarwith.

How far is it to the beach?
Nearest beach is Trebarwith, which is about 20 minutes drive, its dog friendly and has a great pub, the Port William. See our beaches section for more information.

Is there any livestock on the land?
There are no animals on our land except guest's dogs. We have changed the way we manage the land so that we don't need it to be grazed by cattle and sheep which makes it ideal for our guests and their dogs. There is often livestock in neighbouring fields which we have no control of but there is good fencing on all boundaries.

Can we swim in the pond / river?
We don't advise it for humans, dogs are fine in the river. One of our guests said that their dog got into difficulty in the pond because of the weed, but that is cleared annually. Our advice is only to let your dog in the pond if you're sure they are a strong swimmer.

Will my mobile phone work on site?
Yes it will, not always right at the bottom of the hill but in and around the cottages should be fine. O2 and Orange work pretty well, Vodafone can be a bit temperamental.

Is there Satellite TV?
All the TVs in the cottages have access to Freeview channels through built in digiboxes or through Sky boxes which get 80+ channels of TV and radio.

Are there DVD players in the cottages?
Yes there are and there a few DVDs knocking about, but feel free to bring your own and do remember to take them with you when you leave!

How far are you from Eden Project?
Eden is about a 40 minute drive, it's south west of Helsbury, the other side of Bodmin. It's signposted from the A30.

What's the phone number for Rick Stein's?
01841 532700 - you can also book online at http://www.rickstein.com

When's the best time to fish?
Fishing the river Camel on Helsbury land is really best at the back end of the year when the river is fuller. There are sea trout running from late summer, the salmon tend to start a bit later. It all finishes on 15th December.

These are some of the questions we get asked quite frequently, if you have another question just drop us an email to info@helsburypark.co.uk.

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