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Dog Friendly: Helsbury Park's Doggy Code...

As doggy people ourselves we understand how hard it can be to find good quality accommodation that welcomes your whole family and your dogs. Thatís why weíre keen to make Helsbury Park as dog friendly as possible. We also understand why many accommodation owners say no dogs! Weíre determined not to punish the considerate majority of dog owners for the behaviour of the few. To ensure we all get along for years to come, we thought it might be helpful to outline some house rules for our doggy guests and also to remind you of some useful tips for a safe and happy holiday. Itís important to point out that taking a dog friendly holiday does not mean taking a holiday from your responsibilities as a dog owner.

Dog Paw RatingWhen you first arrive we strongly recommend that you keep your dog(s) on the lead while you get your bearings and get to know the site

Dog Paw RatingFor the consideration of other guests, other dogs and animals on site you must keep your dog(s) under control around the other properties, this may mean keeping them on the lead when you first set out for your walk, obviously once theyíre out in the fields or the woods they can be off the lead as much as you like

Dog Paw RatingYou must let us know in advance if youíre bring more dogs than stated on your booking form, any additional dogs arriving without prior notice will be charged for at £30 per dog

Dog Paw RatingWhen you want to go out to dinner consider trying one of the many local pubs that allow you to take your dog with you.

Dog Paw RatingPease do not leave your dog(s) alone with free run of the property. We can arrange dog sitting which enables you to go out and know your dog is being looked after by an experienced person.

Dog Paw RatingFeel free to use the kennel weíve provided adjacent to each property but make sure you provide your dog(s) with water and clean out afterwards

Dog Paw RatingDo do doo-doo patrol! Please pick up after your dog(s) wherever they are and dispose of poo in an outside bin, even if itís raining. Weíve provided free poo-bags in the dispensers on site, so please use them. And remember you can take bags with you to the beach and on walks. Also, please do it as you go along as our gardener may well mow the lawn while youíre out and itís easier for him if the lawn is clear of poo

Dog Paw RatingIf you have a puppy please bring a crate or cage with you, we really donít want them to chew the furniture or soft furnishings here in our luxury cottages! As maintaining our grading is key to our unique offer we canít always just repair damage, more often than not it has to be replaced, at your expense! We do have a cage you can borrow if required, just let us know

Dog Paw RatingRemember to take plenty of fresh water with you on days out. Some of the quieter beaches do not have facilities that allow you to fill a bottle.

Dog Paw RatingKeep your dog(s) under close control at all times for their own safety as well as the comfort of others. Dogs do fall off cliffs and get stuck in holes, please don’t let it happen to yours.

Dog Paw RatingPlease thoroughly clean the cottage, including dog hair from rugs, before you leave; if properties require excessive cleaning we will impose an additional £50 fee to cover the cost of additional cleaning time

Dog Paw RatingDogs are not allowed upstairs in the barns, there are stair gates in both properties to assist you with this, just ask if you have any problems operating them, in Broadview please shut the doors to rooms youíre not using so that dogs do not sneak into bedrooms when your back is turned

Dog Paw RatingPlease do not allow dogs on furniture without using one of the blankets provided

Dog Paw RatingPlease try and discourage your dog from eating the wildlife

Dog Paw RatingWe regret that an additional flat charge of £50 will have to be made if carpets, rugs or bed-spreads require additional cleaning.

Thank you for your help in keeping Helsbury Park Dog Friendly.

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What Helsbury Park guests say


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a blissful week at Helsbury! We all had a fantastic time, the house is heavenly and the woodlands are delightful. We all left reluctantly this morning but Barney clearly didn't want to and we eventually found him hiding under the chair in the kitchen area! Thank you again and if you'll allow us to return I'd love to book again for next year."

"For the third year running we have had a fantastic holiday, so peaceful and relaxing. The dogs adore playing in the river and chasing through the woods and fields. Perfect."

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